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Art Umbrella – Blessed Deer


“Art Umbrella – Blessed Deer” draws inspiration from the Deer Park in the ancient Imperial Garden. Placed at the center of the design is a serene pair of parent and child deer, surrounded by auspicious bat patterns symbolizing good fortune. The mother deer gazes into the distance with a calm and peaceful demeanor, while the young deer gently kisses its mother’s jaw. The mother deer’s antlers sprout golden ginkgo leaves, evoking a sense of tender warmth. In the distance of the artwork lies the Crimson Snow Studio of the Imperial Garden, where we can still imagine Emperor Qianlong enjoying the snowscape through the Taihu stones in the flower pond. Immersed in this scene, let us embrace the vibrant collision of colors and experience the rich cultural essence and warmth of the Palace Museum.


In the bygone Imperial Garden, there was a Deer Park, Adored by the royal princes and princesses, Beneath the shade of trees, deer would call out, mingling in pairs, Some gazing ahead, some whispering with lowered heads, Mothers and children frolicking together, serene and leisurely, Radiating harmony and auspiciousness. At times, a gust of wind would rustle the leaves, Startling these vibrant and adorable companions, Hooves lifting, bounding to spread the message. With a single glance, a world of vitality unfolds before our eyes.

Material: Made of 210T impact cloth with full blackout black coating, chrome-plated iron shaft, double fiberglass umbrella ribs, ABS painted umbrella handle.

Craftsmanship: Full blackout black coating treatment, digital printing on the umbrella canopy.

Net Weight: 350g; Packaging Weight: 550g.

Specs.: 1 piece (one umbrella, one umbrella cover).

Umbrella ribs: 8.


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