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Art Umbrella – Undersea Whispers


Derived from the regional culture of Hainan,
Inspiration blooms for artistic creation,
With lively watercolors, the artist expresses love for nature,
May the paths we tread be the most beautiful landscapes in our hearts,
And the finest gifts held within your palms.

Undersea Whispers

In 2010, I ventured alone to Hainan to attend my college classmate’s wedding. Together with her family, we embarked on a beautiful island-hopping journey.

Starting from Haikou, we traversed numerous cities and countryside landscapes, immersing ourselves in the local customs by different seashores. As our car raced along the wide road, I witnessed lush green fields and a natural panorama of coconut trees and various plants. In the emerald rice paddies, I saw groups of people diligently planting seedlings, while content water buffaloes leisurely chewed on grass, their tails gracefully swirling through the air.

In the distance, wisps of smoke rose from rooftops, adding to the picturesque scene. This captivating tableau etched itself into my memory. In Sanya, I embarked on my first underwater diving experience, encountering the mesmerizing world beneath the sea. It was a hidden paradise, where aquatic flora and fish engaged in their enchanting conversation, and ripples danced upon the water’s surface—a symphony of life in four movements.

Material: Made of 210T impact cloth with full blackout black coating, chrome-plated iron shaft, double fiberglass umbrella ribs, ABS painted umbrella handle.

Craftsmanship: Full blackout black coating treatment, digital printing on the umbrella canopy.

Net Weight: 350g; Packaging Weight: 550g.

Specs.: 1 piece (one umbrella, one umbrella cover).

Umbrella ribs: 8.



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