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Silk Scarf – Fortune’s Path


The inspiration for the “Silk Scarf – Fortune’s Path” stems from the intertwined ancient cypress trees in front of the Qinan Hall of the Imperial Garden. Fluid curves deconstruct the scene into a horizontal stone pathway and vertically growing interlaced branches. The designer has a special fondness for vivid patterns depicting various lively images found on the stone pathway. Within the scarf, one can admire symbolic goldfish, lotus flowers, celestial cranes, bottle blossoms, banana leaf fans, and more, exuding a delightful ambiance. The silky fabric and exquisite craftsmanship of the scarf offer an extraordinary experience, prompting heartfelt admiration with every inch of skin embraced by its gentle touch.


Journeying along the stone pathway, Stepping through the Tianyi Gate, a sight unfolds. Interlaced branches greet you, gracefully entwined, Like lovers leaning on each other, their trunks twisting and twining. Deep lines trace the bark, reaching upwards, As if about to touch the boundless sky. Bai Juyi once wrote, “In the heavens, we wish to be lovebirds, On earth, we yearn to be intertwined branches.” I believe these intertwined ancient cypresses Are the embodiment of love’s utmost beauty, Witnessing the relentless carving of fidelity, Through a hundred years of storms and winds. May you, passing by the interlaced branches, Find your beloved, and love’s journey never ends.

Material: Mulberry Silk Twill Fabric, 100% Silk (Mulberry Silk)

Digital blossoms, handcrafted needlework edge, gift packed.

Size: 110cm x 110cm

Package Dimensions: 24cm x 24cm x 4cm

Gross Weight: 220g

Mulberry Silk Twill Fabric, a precious gift from nature, delicately woven into a twill pattern. This exquisite fabric offers a refined drape, effortlessly shaping itself to perfection. Its impeccable craftsmanship resists snagging and unwelcome creases, ensuring a flawless appearance at all times.

Delicate and gentle. This silk scarf caresses with a smooth and breathable embrace. Its exquisite touch glides against the skin, tenderly soothing and weightlessly adorning. Every inch of this fabric invites heartfelt admiration, as it lavishes the skin with genuine praises.

Crafted with utmost dedication, the handiwork of artisans reveals itself in the meticulously rolled edges. The industry’s highest standards demand three stitches per centimeter, a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship. With unwavering commitment, we strive to present nothing short of perfection.

Care Instructions:

1. Washing: Silk is a delicate protein-based fiber and should not be rubbed against rough surfaces. Avoid using laundry powder and instead soak the fabric in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Use a specialized silk detergent or mild soap for gentle handwashing. Silk scarves can be washed with shampoo. For colored silk garments, rinse them repeatedly in clean water.

2. Drying: After washing, avoid direct sunlight and do not tumble dry silk. Instead, gently shake off excess water and lay the fabric flat in a cool and well-ventilated area. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause silk fabric to yellow, fade, and age. Therefore, silk garments should not be wrung out and should be dried with the reverse side facing out until they are about 70% dry before ironing or smoothing.

3. Ironing: Silk is more prone to wrinkles compared to synthetic fabrics, hence the saying “real silk wrinkles.” After washing, if wrinkles appear, ironing is needed to achieve a crisp, flowing, and elegant look. When ironing, mist the fabric evenly with water when it is about 70% dry, and then wait for 3-5 minutes before ironing. The ironing temperature should be controlled at 100 degrees Celsius and should not exceed 150 degrees Celsius. The iron should not directly touch the silk surface and should be used with a pressing cloth.

4. Maintenance: To store silk items, ensure they are washed and thoroughly dried before storage to prevent mildew and insect damage. Ironing can also help eliminate bacteria and insects. Additionally, keep storage boxes or cabinets clean and well-sealed to prevent dust contamination.


*NOTE: The product is photographed in real life. Due to variations in monitors, there may be slight discrepancies. Please refer to the actual item for accuracy.

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