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Umbrella – Dunhuang


As we prepare for our journey, let us not forget to pack this umbrella filled with emotions,

Let it accompany us in the sun, in the wind and rain, as we run and witness the sunrise and sunset, embracing the unique landscapes of our travels.


The Eternal Dunhuang

The designer said, In April 2011, I, along with friends and a group of traditional Chinese painting students, ventured to Dunhuang, Our first journey to the heartland of the northwest, where we experienced the magnificent beauty of the desert.

Yet what lingers in my mind to this day is the Dunhuang murals hidden deep within the grottoes.

The richly colored ceiling patterns, the gracefully posed flying apsaras, and every single stroke on the Buddha statues, like a magnetic force, drawing us in. Its unparalleled beauty captivated all those who made the pilgrimage from far and wide. And from Dunhuang’s inspiration, countless works of art have emerged—music, painting, dance, fashion design, and more.

In 2011, I started my journey in scarf and umbrella design, always desiring to create a series inspired by Dunhuang, Time dragged on, and more tasks piled up. From 2015 to 2016, I worked on this series, pouring my heart and time into it, and it was worth every effort. “Dun,” meaning great, and “huang,” meaning flourishing. This is the scene of prosperity.

Material: Made of 210T impact cloth with full blackout black coating, chrome-plated iron shaft, double fiberglass umbrella ribs, ABS painted umbrella handle.

Craftsmanship: Full blackout black coating treatment, digital printing on the umbrella canopy.

Net Weight: 350g; Packaging Weight: 550g.

Specs.: 1 piece (one umbrella, one umbrella cover).

Umbrella ribs: 8.


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