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Art Umbrella – Fortune and Prosperity


“Art Umbrella – Fortune and Prosperity” draws its creative inspiration from the gourd-shaped roof of the Qinan Hall in the Imperial Garden. The gourd symbolizes “fortune and prosperity,” embodying auspicious blessings. Below, an elegant soaring crane engages in a mysterious dialogue with another crane gracefully gliding across the sky, creating a harmonious balance between movement and serenity. The designer beautifully incorporates fluid curves and abstract color gradients reminiscent of the steps of the Qinan Hall, offering a mesmerizing perspective as we gaze upon the gourd-shaped roof. It is a meticulous and intricate interpretation of time and spatial rhythm, seamlessly merging the cultural essence of the Forbidden City with the allure of umbrellas.


In the early dawn of early summer, wander through the Imperial Garden. Sunbeams filter through pine branches, sprinkling starlight upon the stone pathway. Whispers of a gentle breeze carry refreshing greetings to my ears. The garden’s blossoms have unfurled, Vibrant greens intertwined with fragrant ink strokes. A cry resounds across the vast expanse, Though the sky appears tranquil, devoid of a trace. Bowing my head, I spy a celestial crane gracefully ascending from the stone path. Its lilting song, a testament of ethereal beauty lingering in our earthly realm.

Material: Made of 210T impact cloth with full blackout black coating, chrome-plated iron shaft, double fiberglass umbrella ribs, ABS painted umbrella handle.

Craftsmanship: Full blackout black coating treatment, digital printing on the umbrella canopy.

Net Weight: 350g; Packaging Weight: 550g.

Specs.: 1 piece (one umbrella, one umbrella cover).

Umbrella ribs: 8.

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