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Art Umbrella – The Exquisite Patterns of Life


In the year 2021, a collection of silk scarves was designed inspired by the literary works of Zhang Ailing. This themed collection gradually took shape, drawing inspiration from the colors she used in portraying characters and the intricate details of their attire, capturing their distinctive personalities. In this edition, let us share her famous quote: “Life is a splendid robe, crawling with fleas.”


Perhaps we need to undergo countless baptisms to become synonymous with life. Transform into a towering tree, witnessing the vastness of the desert and the majestic skies at sunset. Transform into a mystical creature, understanding the language of seasons and the warmth of the earth. Transform into an ordinary mortal, seeking solace and meditating under the Bodhi tree, while enduring the trials and tribulations of life. The surroundings we inhabit, the encounters we face, are destined to be imperfect, and there will inevitably be many hardships, akin to fleas crawling on a splendid robe. However, when we lift the veil on the canvas of life, we discover that reality has overturned the palette of colors.

Material: Made of 210T impact cloth with full blackout black coating, chrome-plated iron shaft, double fiberglass umbrella ribs, ABS painted umbrella handle.

Craftsmanship: Full blackout black coating treatment, digital printing on the umbrella canopy.

Net Weight: 350g; Packaging Weight: 550g.

Specs.: 1 piece (one umbrella, one umbrella cover).

Umbrella ribs: 8.


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